Lebanese Cuisine

Heading to Beirut or want to bring a little Lebanon into your plate here in Malta?


If you are a Lebanese cuisine lover or have never tried Lebanese food yet, join us for experiencing the taste of Lebanon. Aromatic spices imported from Lebanon are combined with fresh locally produced greens and hearty grains as well as with seafood from Malta. Our Culinary Team creates high quality meals featuring grilled meats and flavourful vegetarian dishes.

The Lebanese cuisine is an ancient one and is part of the Levantine history. Many Lebanese dishes can be traced back thousands of years when the Romans, and before that, the Phoenicians ruled the area. More recently Lebanese cuisine was influenced by the different foreign civilizations that held power. Cooking with lamb was introduced by the Ottoman Turks and later different desserts like flan and croissants were brought by the French.

An essential characteristic of a traditional Lebanese meal is that you can barely see the table, as it is covered with colourful plates and bowls of food. A typical meal begins with the serving of cold and hot appetizers, called ‘mezze’ including stuffed grape leaves called Werak Enab, deep-fried Cheese Rolls and the famous spiced ground chickpea patties Falafel. Then comes the main courses mainly consisting of mixed grills such as Shish Tawok (marinated chicken breast cuts) and Lahem Meshwe (marinated beef cuts). Complementing these dishes are the dips, such as Hummus, Baba Ghanouj and Mutabal. To finish your meal try the traditional Lebanese desserts include Baklawa (made of layered filo pastry filled with nuts and steeped in sugar syrup), Mouhalabieh (a delicate milk flan flavoured with orange flower water and topped with crunchy nuts) and Layali Lubnan (a soft orange blossom, rose and vanilla-flavoured semolina pudding topped with crunchy nuts and tart dried apricots, literally meaning ‘Lebanese nights’).

Compliment your meal with our imported Lebanese beer or Lebanese wine from the Bekaa Valley. Moreover, do not miss the anise-flavoured liqueur Arak which is the Lebanese national drink.

Whatever your preference, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy your dining experience at Byblos Lebanese Restaurant.


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